AS2728 specifies requirements for the physical properties and long-term durability of prepainted & organic film/metal laminate products in sheet & strip form (coated on one or both sides), and that are intended for fabrication into products for use in construction of buildings.

General Requirements

Product types

  • AS2728 classifies prefinished/prepainted metal products into six types according to performance, in respect to durability and aesthetics, in environments of varying severity.
  • Testing requirements are also denoted.


  • All paints used in manufacture of products covered by AS2728 must conform to the requirements of the Uniform Paint Standard.
  • One requirement is that lead pigment cannot be used.

Product Finishes

  • The selection of organic coating system on either side of the prepainted product shall meet the manufacturers product specification for product flexibility, corrosion resistance of top and reverse sides, durability and aesthetic appearance of the top (exposed side).
  • The bottom side may be coated the same as the top side (typically referred to as double sided), subject to agreement between the producer & purchaser, at the time of ordering.

Surface Protection

  • Prepainted products may be supplied with the additional temporary protection of a removemable film.

Physical Properties

AS2728 specifies requirements for the following tests:

  • Appearance
  • Specular GLoss (product specification)
  • Dry FIlm thickness
  • Reverse Impact Resistance of prepainted
  • Adhesion
  • Scratch Resistance

Long-term Durability

AS2728 specifies requirements for the following tests, forming part of product surveillance to identify Long-term Durability:

  • Accelerated Testing
    • Salt spray or QFog (Bluescope tests to both methods)
    • Humidity Resistance
  • Outdoor testing
    • Corrosion
    • UV