In Australia, pre-painted sheet metal products which are manufactured for use in internal or external applications, are required to meet specific performance requirements under AS2728 including physical property and durability requirements. As a pre-requisite to meeting AS2728, the substrate is required to meet specific coating types and classes as defined by Australian Standard AS1397.

New COLORBOND® steel is guaranteed by BlueScope to meet AS2728.

There are question marks over compliance when you are talking about imported steel products that weren’t designed for Australian conditions. COLORBOND® steel is developed for, and therefore more resilient to, the intense sunlight and temperatures typical of Australian environments.

BlueScope spends a lot of time and money developing products that comply with or exceed the relevant Australian building codes. BlueScope manufactures and tests to both AS1397 and AS2728. BlueScope is recognised as a world leader in coated and painted steel technology and invests significantly in product research and development.  BlueScope has a large team of coating scientists and conducts rigorous testing of its products in both the laboratory and in real world environments,

Compliance includes easy identification                    

One of the requirements of compliance with AS 2728 is that a pre-painted sheet metal product be clearly identified by its maker and includes its Australian Standard certification number. New COLORBOND® steel is clearly identified by its BlueScope brand mark and AS2728 standard. Only genuine Colorbond® steel has BlueScope’s brand name printed on the back of the sheets. Colorbond® steel is a unique product and BlueScope encourage buyers to check the product to make sure they are getting the real thing.


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