The development of the new coating technology demonstrates BlueScope’s commitment to the building industry in providing not only an improved product, but also by working to minimise compliance risks and assist the building approval process.

BlueScope submitted the performance data of new COLORBOND® steel’s magnesium-containing coating to the Australian Building Code Board so that the benefits of the new COLORBOND® steel’s Activate® technology would be readily accessible to builders, building designers and owners.

Adding magnesium (aluminium/zinc/magnesium - AM100) to COLORBOND® steel’s previous aluminium/zinc (AZ 150) coated substrate has improved corrosion resistance – proven in extensive development and field testing since 1995.

This results in a longer lifespan and a lower environmental impact# compared with previous-generation COLORBOND® steel.

The new coating composition also uses fewer metal coating materials, providing environmental benefits# over previous generation COLORBOND® steel in a product that is 100 per cent recyclable.

Australian Standard AS 1397 paragraph D3.2.6 now states:

“Aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy coatings offer excellent barrier-coating protection combined with better galvanic protection than the AZ coatings. The corrosion resistance is very high in most environments compared to all the previous coatings.”*

BlueScope has backed up the improved performance of next generation COLORBOND® steel with longer warranty periods for roofing and walling in a range of conditions. ^


* Standards Australia. AS 1397 – 2011.

#An environmental  life cycle assessment (LCA) has concluded that when used in a roofing application in commercial or industrial buildings, COLORBOND® steel AM100 reduced environmental impacts compared to COLORBOND® steel AZ150, across 18 environmental impact categories. This improvement is the result of innovation in the metal coating formulation that delivers an increased lifespan while using fewer metal resources.

^ Warranty subject to application and eligibility criteria. For full terms and conditions and to determine the eligibility of your building for the warranty visit or call BlueScope Steel on 1800 064 384