SketchUp textures

BlueScope Steel is now providing architects and designers with the latest product renders to use in SketchUp models.

The package includes renders for roofing and walling products made from its ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® steel that can be downloaded free of charge from the links below.

Included in the library are  the latest COLORBOND® steel colours; Cove™, Mangrove®, Gully™, Wallaby®, Terrain®, and Basalt®.

The texture package is compatible for SketchUp 2013. Unlike previous versions, this package is suitable for Windows and Mac systems.

The package contains custom .skp files that can be easily added to the SketchUp material library. Sample sizes have been scaled to represent physical dimensions. Installation instructions are included in the download package (separate instructions for Windows & Mac).

Packages are also available for specific roofing and walling profiles from individual rollformers including LYSAGHT, Stramit Building Products, Fielders and Steeline.