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Half-Round Gutter
Lysaght SA, NSW, VIC, QLD

LYSAGHT® Half Round Gutter

The LYSAGHT® Half Round and LYSAGHT® Flat Back style gutters have been designed with a unique curved base which can prevent build-up of water and dirt, allowing the gutter to clean itself with every shower of rain.

  • LYSAGHT® Half Round gutter is available with external brackets only
  • LYSAGHT® Flat Back gutter uses internal brackets only
  • Large water carrying capacity gutter with overflow slots in the design, specifically for the tropics. Available unslotted on request
  • Range of easy fix accessories and brackets, makes installation easier


  • Styles and dimensions vary for each state, refer brochures. Other links: Half Round Gutter (WA), Half Round Gutter (Sth QLD), Half Round Gutter (Nth QLD), Flat Back Gutter (Sth QLD), Flat Back Gutter (Nth QLD)
  • It is important gutters slope towards the outlets (a minimum gutter fall of 1 in 500 is recommended). Without this slope, "ponding" may occur, reducing the life of your gutter
  • When installing gutters, remove any metal particles or debris at the end of the day to prevent staining or corrosion
  • Do not install galvanised gutters with a ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® prepainted steel roof. Galvanised gutters are only suitable with galvanised steel roof
  • The protective plastic film should be stripped off immediately on installation
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COLORBOND® Metallic steel

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COLORBOND® Ultra steel

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