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BondorPanel® is purpose designed for cold storage and controlled environments as a lightweight, high performing EPS-FR insulated walling panel manufactured exclusively using Australian-made BlueScope COLORBOND® Permagard® steel specifically used to protect and temperature control cold storage, cool rooms, food handling, laboratory and clean room facilities.

BondorPanel® with Permagard® steel contains antibacterial technology that actively helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination and inhibits growth of surface bacteria that may cause odours, stains, food poisoning and allergies. Complying fully with the relevant US, EU and Australian standards by specifying BondorPanel® with COLORBOND® Permagard® steel will ensure your hygiene sensitive areas receive the proven combination of strength, durability and antibacterial protection.

BondorPanel® is made to measure, then assembled on-site. Easy handling and quick, simple installation keep construction time to a minimum. BondorPanel® EPS-FR panel is ideal for a range of applications, from long spanning cold storage facilities to portable cold storage containers and transportables.

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