Industrial, commercial and farm sheds made from COLORBOND® steel combine the advantages of fast and economical construction with strength and durability.

Construction efficiency and design flexibility.

Sheds manufactured from COLORBOND® steel are engineered for fast, easy on-site erection, saving you time and money.

They come in a range of styles, sizes and colour combinations, and can usually be customised to suit specific purposes.

Components are supplied to precise specifications so there is little or no wastage on site.

Many colour choices

Depending on your shed supplier, you can choose from up to 20 standard colours from the COLORBOND® steel range.

Strength and durability

COLORBOND® steel has a corrosion resistant ZINCALUME® steel substrate and a baked on paint finish that resists peeling, flaking and blistering in normal weather conditions.

It’s been tested in a variety of Australian environments and under all sorts of weather conditions, proving it to be a reliable and long life cladding material suitable for a range of commercial and industrial shed applications.

Steel shed designs are engineered to ensure their structural integrity, and indeed many sheds are cyclone rated.

Talk to your nearest supplier about the type, range and engineering specifications of sheds available.

Backed by BlueScope Steel

BlueScope Steel warrants the performance of COLORBOND® steel used as roofing and walling for sheds and domestic garages for up to 15 years. See the sample warranty for details and conditions. Also refer to your shed or garage supplier for full warranty details.