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The COLORBOND® Metallic steel colour Aries® – a rich, deep red with a touch of theatrical brilliance – plays a starring role in Newman College's Marist Auditorium.

COLORBOND® Metallic steel plays starring role

The COLORBOND® Metallic steel colour Aries® - a rich, deep red with a touch of theatrical brilliance- plays a starring role in this new performing arts venue.
Project  |  Education
BlueScope COLORBOND® steel has played a prominent role as cladding for Kirwan State High School’s new building, which provides a new visual identity and strong street presence for the school.

Queensland school goes from old to bold

BlueScope's new COLORBOND® Metallic steel has played a pivotal role as cladding for a new triple-storey school building that makes a grand statement amongst predominantly older single-storey classrooms.
Project  |  Education
Revised structural standards

Revisions to Structural Steel Standards

This update communicates some important changes to several AS/NZS Structural Steel standards: AS/NZS 3678;  AS/NZS 3679.1 and AS/NZS 3679.2.
Laser Central

TRU-SPEC® steel - Product Range Expansion

BlueScope are expanding the TRU-SPEC® steel product range to include HA250 16mm and HA350 10mm and 12mm
TRU-SPEC® steel - Nepean Metal Products

TRU-SPEC® steel Customer Experience

Stretch levelling process provides a consistently flat and 'memory-free' product, everytime.
Environmental Product Declarations

Environmental Product Declarations

BlueScope's Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) respond to market demands for credible, product-specific environmental information from building owners, architects, design engineers and sustainability specialists who are at the forefront of developing a better built environment for Australia.
Athletic, taut and defined by an origami-inspired roof, Margaret Court Arena provides stellar helicopter views and sublime interiors

Margaret Court Arena

A high-speed 'sun-roof' swathed in COLORBOND® steel in the luxurious custom colour Copper Penny™ is a textbook example of how to become a sports facilities world-beater
Project  |  Community Buildings
A purposefully fragmented steel shell is the hallmark of an idiosyncratic house in the heart of Melbourne's western suburbs.

Cut Paw-Paw House

A series of varyingly clad exposed steel portal frames by Andrew Maynard Architects create a quirky ‘inside-out’ addition to an original timber cottage.
Project  |  Housing
The visual rhythm of the steel blades draws the eye into the south-facing entrance of the building, which is located on a significant gateway site in Wollongong's CBD

West Keira (building 1) Wollongong Central

HDR Rice Daubney conceptualised the facade of this Wollongong shopping centre as a series of craggy, jagged forms evoking the iconic escarpment that runs above the city.
Completed October 2014, NSW
Project  |  Community Buildings
The new AGL Lakeside Pavilion at Mount Annan shares more than a passing similarity with great English garden follies

AGL Lakeside Pavilion

Made famous by 18th century English landscape designer Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, follies enhance one’s enjoyment of the garden by improving vistas thanks to their careful placement among sculpted rolling hills and serpentine lakes.

Project  |  Community Buildings
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The Australian Institute of Architects launches its new website, a portal that offers a wide range of info about architects and architecture.
Australian Institute of Architects
Victoria's first eight-star energy rated InsulLiving home nears completion.
WA Institute members asked to showcase excellence in creativity by designing and coordinating the construction of the Architext pop-up bookshop for the 2014 National Architecture Conference. Inspired by the Western Australian landscape, the design will need to feature COLORBOND® steel’s new range of colours: Basalt®, Wallaby®, Gully™, Cove™, Mangrove® and Terrain®. Entries close 7 April 2014.
Australian Institute of Architects
Connection Magazine's Summer edition have a ‘Smart Roof Australia’ feature addressing common roofing challenges and tips and tricks for installing a steel roof. Check out some of the advice in the News section.
Building Connection