Laser cutting technology offers the advantages of speed, precision and “quality of cut” over more conventional forms of cutting steel.

Surface quality and flatness have a large impact on the ability to laser cut steel and the “quality of the cut”. To be suitable for laser cutting, steel must have a thin, tightly adherent surface scale, be free from contaminants and stay flat after cutting.

Recognising these needs, BlueScope has developed XLERPLATE® steel Lasercut 250, a grade equivalent in terms of strength to traditional AS/NZS 3678-250 with the added benefit of a specially designed chemical composition  to significantly improve laser cutting ability.

The benefits of XLERPLATE® steel Lasercut 250 are:

Specially Designed Chemistry

Reduced silicon levels to improve laser cutting while maintaining excellent weldability, formability and galvanising

Improved Surface Quality

XLERPLATE® steel Lasercut 250 exhibits a thinner, more adherent scale layer than standard plate

Surface is further protected via packaging at the plate mill to reduce surface exposure during transportation and storage 

Ink-based plate branding should result in reduced interference whilst laser cutting


XLERPLATE® steel Lasercut 250 is produced on the plate mill at BlueScope’s Port Kembla plant. Product originating from a plate pill is produced, without the need to coil the steel during the manufacturing process. Hence, the problems associated with levelling heavier gauge coil and the formation of residual stress during the uncoiling process are minimised, resulting in plate of flatness levels required for the laser cutting process.

Short Pack Masses and Short Lead Times

XLERPLATE® steel Lasercut 250 is available in notionally 3t packs for 3000mm long plates and 6t packs for 6000mm plates

Smaller plates, 1500mm x 3000mm and 1500mm x 6000mm, designed to fit onto laser cutting beds.