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Stockland Hervey Bay

Study Predicts Cool Roof Energy Savings Underestimated

To explore just how much the inclusion of micro-climate effects in energy modelling can impact predicted cool roof energy savings, BlueScope and Stockland initiated a modelling study to account for above roof micro heating using a Stockland shopping centre's 15,000 square-metre roof as a reference case.
Project  |  Retail
BlueScope COLORBOND® steel has played a prominent role as cladding for Kirwan State High School’s new building, which provides a new visual identity and strong street presence for the school.

Queensland school goes from old to bold

BlueScope's new COLORBOND® Metallic steel has played a pivotal role as cladding for a new triple-storey school building that makes a grand statement amongst predominantly older single-storey classrooms.
Project  |  Education
A purposefully fragmented steel shell is the hallmark of an idiosyncratic house in the heart of Melbourne's western suburbs.

Cut Paw-Paw House

A series of varyingly clad exposed steel portal frames by Andrew Maynard Architects create a quirky ‘inside-out’ addition to an original timber cottage.
Project  |  Housing
From the street, one can observe the composition of hovering platform, ribbons of glass and vaulted roof bays, which combine to set this house apart from its neighbours.

Florida Beach House

Iredale Pedersen Hook conjures up images of rolling swell with the radically pitched and folding roof of this house, perched on a sand dune overlooking the Indian Ocean
Project  |  Housing
Bedroom and bathroom pods are constructed with fibrous cement sheeting, and connected by a timber bridge hovering above the ground.

Drew's House at Sunrise

Drawing on artist Marian Drew’s childhood memories of steel sugar mills, this house designed by Simon Laws sports an extruded cylindrical living space and gently twisting, curved roofs.
Project  |  Housing
Broadcasting studios have a prime view of South Bank Parklands from the cantilevered glass boxes

ABC Brisbane Accommodation Project

With distinctive steel cladding that dances its way along the building’s northern and western facades, it appears that ‘Aunty’ is young once again. 
Project  |  Commercial Office
Overarching the entire project are huge spans of LYSAGHT SPANDEK HI-TEN® profile roofing made from ZINCALUME® steel and COLORBOND® steel, in the colour Shale Grey™.

Dalyellup College

Wound around existing trees and sporting an overarching steel roof befitting of its semi-rural location, Dalyellup College reflects the essence of its environment. It’s an achievement of which David Gulland, principal of Hassell, is most proud.
Project  |  Education
Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School (PEGS), western façade conjures up multiple references: the students have nicknamed it ‘Starship Enterprise’ because of the sci-fi appearance of the striped steel roof, which diagonally slices the extruded form.

Penleigh and Essendon Junior Boys School

The PEGS Junior building offers a whimsical take on a federation house, among other inspiring ideas.
Completed January 2011, VIC
Project  |  Education
The structural steel bracing is integrated with the upturned hull-like roof, which is clad with LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® profile made from COLORBOND® Ultra Steel in the colour Dune®.

Milson Island Sports & Recreation Centre

An upturned ‘boat’ on a carefree island is the perfect escape for kids on holidays.
Project  |  Education